CPT Website Competition


CPT Website competition

I am thrilled that Vivace Music was recently announced as a joint winner in The Curious Piano Teachers’ (CPT) competition for music websites. It was great to see that areas of the site (which I am very proud of) received particular recognition. These were the professional photos, corporate membership, and the blog.


As with all competitions, constructive criticism is important. I thrive on improving my teaching practice and myself so will take on board these comments proactively.


The (CPT) community is extremely supportive about all music related matters and despite its name, isn’t exclusively limited to piano teaching. Founders, Sharon Mark-Teggart and Sally Cathcart organise excellent community events, and provide good quality resources that are not easily exhausted. My own piano teacher, Lucinda Mackworth-Young, is a ‘Curious Expert’ and her expertise is very much appreciated. The CPT podcasts are enjoyable, and the ‘Curious Live’ conference last year was well worth the visit.


I’d like to that Elliot Corner of Promote Classical for taking the great photos, and Jessica Lindgren-Wu of Wildwuzle Photography for enhancing the quality of the site. I would definitely recommend their services to other musicians looking to improve their own corporate presence.


Vivace Music holds corporate membership status with Music Mark and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM). Whilst this membership is still relatively new, it has already provided increased credibility and support to the business.


If you were looking to increase your own online presence I would encourage you to ensure that you have plenty of content. Keeping active, being involved in a community, and having a good business model all helps in the quest for content.  Most of all, allow your brand to speak for itself – be genuine, and don’t let complications put you off. Be resilient.



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